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Raine Chong
BSc 2018; PGDE 2019

Challenges make one stronger and be grateful

Mak Pak Chiu Mak Soo Lai Hing Memorial Scholarships & Chin Ping-Chuen Memorial Scholarship in Earth Sciences

"Challenges make one stronger and be grateful"

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Growing up as a maltreated child was not the only challenge that Raine Chong had to overcome, she faced the tremendous financial difficulties when her father was diagnosed with cancer during her undergraduate studies. With her determination and resilience, she managed to achieve outstanding academic results and graduated with first-class honour.

Raine received a total of nine scholarships during her university studies, including the Mak Pak Chiu Mak Soo Lai Hing Memorial Scholarships 2017-2018 and the Chin Ping-Chuen Memorial Scholarship in Earth Sciences 2017-2018. She is grateful and reminisces how all the scholarships alleviated her financial burden and supported her studies.

“I am proud that I can offer some help to the community and motivate students to get into university. I am so touched when I got the thank-you letters from my students and I would like to do the same to the generous donors who helped me”, said Raine, now a secondary school Science teacher. She finds a sense of obligation within her to give back to the society. Raine is dedicating herself to various philanthropic endeavors, including volunteering at local charity, rescuing stray cats and using her expertise to develop an AR tool for education.

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