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Aybala Nisa Kesici
BSc student

Exploring Hong Kong’s Nature and Complexities

HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarship

"To Lead Change, First Change Yourself"

Video Story:

來自土耳其的Aybala Nisa Kesici正在香港大學主修分子生物學及生物科技學,副修政治及公共行政。她在疫情期間來港,閒時喜愛行山和散步,探索香港的多元面貌及文化。

Turkish student Aybala Nisa Kesici, majoring in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and minoring in Politics and Public Administration, first came to Hong Kong during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging circumstances, Aybala quickly learned to fit in the fast paced city and enjoy the cross-cultural experiences.

With the financial support from the HeForShe IMPACT Champion Scholarship, Aybala has been able to dedicate herself fully to her studies. She loves to spend her free time in Hong Kong immersing herself in the beauty of nature. As she spends more time in Hong Kong, she finds the city is like a captivating puzzle, and she enjoys unraveling its complexities and gaining a deeper insight into the city.

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