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Ash Lo
BSocSc(GL) & LLB student

Helping Out The Needy With Knowledge

Jardine HKU Scholarship

"Helping Out The Needy With Knowledge"

Ash Lo is a recipient of the “Jardine HKU Scholarship”, undertaking a double degree of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws. As someone who grew up in a family with modest means, Ash firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge may alter one’s fortune in life, and that only through the dissolution of intergenerational poverty could society achieve justice.

“Only through studying can our livelihood change for the better in a knowledge-based society such as Hong Kong,” said Ash. With exceeding determination, perseverance, and an enduring optimism, Ash’s effort was not in vain, as she had achieved her long-aspired goal of enrolling in HKU with an entrance scholarship, the Jardine HKU Scholarship.

The Scholarship subsidises Ash’s studies for a total of HK$90,000 annually, some of which she would allocate for her overseas semester exchange in the future as she hopes to further her knowledge, broaden her horizon and experience life in a different place. Meanwhile, by studying law, Ash is hoping to help children suffering from intergenerational poverty with the professional knowledge and insights she gained throughout her studies.

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