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Gerelt Oyunbold
BEcon&Fin student

Scholarship Opens Access to Opportunities

Belt and Road Scholarship

"Scholarship Opens Access to Opportunities"

Video Story:

來自蒙古的Gerelt Oyunbold自少對金融業興趣濃厚,獲得一帶一路獎學金後踏上了香港大學的旅程,並積極融入這個國際金融中心的步伐。他入住港大志新書院後,在追求學問的同時亦平衡到多姿多采的學生生活,結識了背景不同的本地和國際學生並發展新興趣。

“Receiving the Scholarship has definitely changed my life for the better,” said Gerelt, a bright and determined young man from Mongolia. With a keen interest in finance, he eagerly embraced the opportunity to immerse himself in Hong Kong− an international financial hub.

Leaving behind the vast Mongolian landscape, Gerelt settled into his studies at HKU. He found a home away from home at Chi Sun College, where he could make friends with local and international students while pursuing his academic endeavours.

The Scholarship has not only provided him with invaluable financial support but also opened doors for his career advancement and broadening of horizons.

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