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Mr Lam Sum Chee (BA 1967), benefactor of “Evergreen Scholarships and Bursaries"

I could spend a lifetime repaying the bursary I received during my days at HKU, and that would still not be enough.”

Ms Catherine Ryan Hyde


經濟學學士/ 經濟金融學學士四年級生及Eric Peter Ho Memorial Scholarship得獎者姜紹筠




The Fund aims to promote the act of “paying it forward” to inspire recipients to pass the torch on in supporting the next generation.


It will support different initiatives namely, Entrance Scholarships to attract talents and free them from financial difficulties; Enrichment Scholarships to broaden students’ horizons; and Merit-based Scholarships to encourage students to pursue academic excellence. 


Pay it Forward Scholarship 


Turkish student Aybala Nisa Kesici came to Hong Kong during the COVID pandemic and enjoys hiking and walking in her spare time to explore Hong Kong’s diverse features and culture.

Exploring Hong Kong’s Nature and Complexities

Japanese student Hanano Urushima enjoys life at Chi Sun College and has even become the Vice-president of the Student Organszing Committee, bringing the student community together through range of activities.

Exploration and Togetherness

With a keen interest in finance, Mongolian student Gerelt Oyunbold eagerly embraced the opportunity to immerse himself in Hong Kong −an international financial hub.

Scholarship Opens Access to Opportunities

As a past scholarship recipient and graduate of HKU Class of 2021, Serrini would like to pay it forward and thus established a scholarship to support fellow students in the Faculty of Arts.

Celebrating Graduation by Paying it Forward

Despite the language barrier and difficulties in adapting to a new life in Hong Kong, Shahab overcame the obstacles along the way and has now embarked on a new journey at HKU.

Furthering Equal Opportunities For Ethnic Minorities

We pay it forward through education, honouring my late father’s legacy and shaping a brighter future for the next generation”, Peter Ngan said.

Pay It Forward Through Education

With scholarships, Raine managed to overcome the tremendous financial difficulties when her father was diagnosed with cancer during her undergraduate studies.

Challenges make one stronger and be grateful

Urukposa had never thought about studying abroad due to his family’s financial constraints. Yet, scholarships enabled him to kickstart his dream catching journey at HKU and in Hong Kong.

From Nigeria to HK: my dream in Engineering & Sports

Ash Lo firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge may alter one’s fortune in life, and that only through the dissolution of intergenerational poverty could society achieve justice.

Helping Out The Needy With Knowledge


Donate HK$1,000 to $4,999
1 HKU Senior Common Room Exclusive Pass with Complimentary Dessert/Drink*
2 HKU Senior Common Room Exclusive Pass with Complimentary Dessert/Drink*

Seed Sower

Donate HK$5,000 to $19,999
2 HKU Senior Common Room Exclusive Pass with Complimentary Dessert/Drink*


Donate HK$20,000 to $199,999
HKU Foundation Membership**


Donate HK$200,000 or above
HKU Foundation Membership**
Naming of a Scholarship***
2 HKU Senior Common Room Exclusive Pass with Complimentary Dessert/Drink*


*The Senior Common Room Exclusive Pass will be sent via email.

**HKU Foundation Memberships are for life and donations are cumulative.

***You can name a scholarship after you or your loved one (e.g., your parents, a former teacher). The Development & Alumni Affairs Office shall contact you for the details.

Patron Tiers and Acknowledgements

Enjoy dining services at HKU SCR

As a token of gratitude, patrons of the “Pay It Forward” campaign will receive exclusive pass to experience dining services at HKU Senior Common Room with families and friends, and enjoy complimentary dessert/drink.

Contact us

You can make a donation through our online system, or leave your contact information and message below for us to reach you regarding your donation.

Development & Alumni Affairs Office

G/F Hung Hing Ying Building,
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3917 1700

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